We help you to have

A More Sustainable Holiday

Here is what we do to reduce our impact on the environment

Power from the Sun

Our caravans can run off-grid on 100% solar power at your camp site.
Upon return, we top them up with energy from a 5kW solar system, which also feeds back into the grid.

Limit Fossil Fuel Usage

We don’t supply petrol or diesel generators. We only use fossil fuel where other forms of energy are currently not feasible like LPG for cooking and hot water units and diesel for towing of our caravans.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Our tow vehicles have highly efficient 3.0l diesel engines towing at 80–90 kph.
Delivering our vans locally instead of you towing it all the way from your home saves a lot of fuel (and your money) and reduces carbon emissions.

Efficient Water Usage

We use a highly efficient German made Miele washing machine, which mainly powered by our 5kW solar system during the day, to wash linen and towels and dry them outdoors.
All our caravans have a ceramic coating and we clean them with a high pressure cleaner using a lot less water than a traditional garden hose and only use biodegradable detergents if absolutely necessary.

Minimise Waste and Chemicals

Our basic pantry supplies are sourced in bulk to minimise plastic waste and packaging.
We supply natural cleaning products and products which are animal cruelty free like hand wash and natural dish washing liquid.

Sustainable Materials

We always opt for high quality products made from sustainable materials for our caravan fit-out and avoid plastic wherever possible.
We supply filtered drinking water in reusable containers. We don’t supply single use plastic items other than rubbish bags.

A better You – easy

Camping will reconnect yourself with nature and you will appreciate it more.
Furthermore, it will make you more aware of how you use resources such as water and electricity, how to conserve those by using less due to limited availability and how to minimise waste.

Ready to unplug and recharge your soul?

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